A Meal

To eat with friends and family is a joy,  for the company not necessarily the meal, which in effect it is transformed into something more than just  three courses. Meal- OG Dinner A meal with good company is a feeling and a sensation most of all. It comes unexpectedly at times, when it arrives in the form of a bottle of wine and a gregarious group of friends; the warmth of intoxicating spirits suddenly transforms a calm, starry-night into a riled evening that fades into dawn. The taste of fermented grapes on your tongue is no different than its been before yet somehow becomes an entirely different experience. Meal- Hopey BridgehamptonBeing here allows us to enjoy our life’s mortal perfection. During this sacred time in between bites and stories we grant ourselves the permission to abandon unpleasurable thoughts and feelings. We shamelessly seek the company of others to join us in this celebration of our newfound freedom and delve deep into our humanly wits- if only for a short while. Meal- Pie And in the case of a meal with family and friends, the whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Meal- Patio Dinner

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