Seeing the Summer Off.

The reason I love Instagram and social media outlets the most is because it is a living, breathing scrapbook chock full of ever growing memories. Some of my most beautiful moments have been captured and stored in my iphone and shared with friends, and instead of feeling violated by that publicity I feel overwhelming gratitude.

On days when wistful nostalgia creeps in, or when I’m in a funk, a “glance” through my 800+ pictures (yeah, know) can give me the perspective I needed. Isn’t this what we create scrapbooks for? Home videos? Isn’t this what the Kodak Moment is all about? It quietly reminds me of how good life is, and how all this existence is is truly a procession of small moments like these strung together. And how lucky are we that we get to go back and actually see them again? To have the opportunity to re-experience more than a sight, but a smell, or a sound, or a taste.

So, I’ll skip the over-documentation talk for today and simply revel in the beauty of the captured past.

Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present.
Roger Babson

Summer 2013

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