Letter From The Editor: Change & Abundance.

Happy September!

Your trusted and devoted editor, Katherine here. I’m excited about the new month for so many reasons. You can feel the pulsation of the exciting newness surrounding you; whether it’s fall, school,  the string of festivities in the upcoming months, my birthday… you know, all of those internationally observed holidays. Most of all, I’m genuinely excited for change-especially here at (Sense)story Perception.

I like to think of change as the natural progression of our life. I don’t think of it as anything different than what is or what is was, I think of it as never possessing an end goal but living in a place of unending transformation. That makes it easier, right? Haha. It also takes the pressure off too. So, I apply that to (Sense)story as well.  Over the past however many months it’s been since this wonderful site manifested itself here in this corner of the internet I’ve taken an integral part in “making it all happen”.

Yet, ironically enough, it’s hardly a product of my effort but rather an unstoppable force of creativity, passion, and drive from all fronts. It comes from Writer of the Week being an unexpected collection of fiction posts. It comes from two of our writers combining their respective talents and making a short film. It comes from posting less and finding ourselves suddenly loaded up with more brilliant and inspiring content than I could have possibly imagined there to be. It comes from the exciting new possibilities of a long list of guest writers, Writers of the Week, and a new staff writer to boot.

I’ve been overwhelmed with the “changes” I want to make for the site for it to be greater, to hold more, and not be so full that it can’t contain itself. This cup runneth over. Then, I was reminded of something my yoga teacher and mentor Omni has said before, “I don’t need to micromanage and control it but rather can I step into the flow of everything that is being offered to me? […] and reap the benefits of all that I have”.

So, readers and friends, I offer this thought to you for the month of September and for your life overall. Can you step into the flow of everything life is offering you? Can you live always in a space of inevitable and constant change; or rather a place of unending transformation that doesn’t break you or ask you to become different but simply offers you more of what you have and what you already are.


Don’t worry about making it all happen, you already are.

Love, K

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