You Just Had To Be There…

Life is about experiences: going to college, taking a road trip, having a job, backpacking through Europe, seeing a live concert. These are all experiences. And what is the best way to share these experiences? Pictures.

Pictures are great! I have thousands of pictures of my experiences (and probably even more of great food that I’ve eaten). Thanks to smart phones and social media we are able to share these pictures of our experiences with anyone (uh, duh). Maybe you’ll even throw a cool filter on it to make the sky look a little bluer.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram. I use it all the time. I post all of my favorite experiences on it. But sometimes, most of the time, you just had to be there.


There is probably a 7% chance that you’ll get a good photo at a concert with your stupid iPhone. More importantly, no will even care. They can’t hear the song. They can’t feel the energy. And they can’t say they touched the lead singers sweaty back.


(The Darkness – Irving Plaza – New York City – October 2012)


I don’t care if you have panorama mode. There is something so all-encompassing about being on top of a mountain that even if you’ve done it a hundred times you can’t experience it through someone else’s picture.


(Wyoming – Grand Teton National Park – Cascade Canyon Trail – June 2010)


Oh, you took a picture of a picture? Great. I’m sure the Mona Lisa looks even better with a saturated filter on a four inch screen than it does from six feet away.


(Louvre Museum – Paris, France – October 2008)


There are probably more digitally stored pictures of the New York City skyline than there are ants in the world (and according to Snapple Fact #32 there are one million ants for each person). I don’t care if it’s an aerial shot from a helicopter or a professional shot of Manhattanhenge (yeah, click that link), you have to physically be there to experience the sheer greatness of the New York City skyline.


(New York, New York – Sailing on the Hudson River – August 2013)


Yeah…this actually exists in Seattle just below Pike’s Place Market. You just had to be there. No, wait. You just have to go there.Image

(Seattle, Washington – May 2013)


Who wants to wake up super early and watch the sunrise? No one. Its okay though because there a few people who have and were nice enough to take a picture. Wrong. It’s not okay. You can’t feel the first warm drip of the sun as it peeks over the earth in a picture. And although I’m sorry you couldn’t be there with her to experience these sunsets, you should check out Christine Odea’s post about sunsets from a little while ago.


(Cozumel, Mexico – March 2012)


You can’t hear the endless echoes of people’s footsteps in a picture. You can’t see the subtle imperfections in a pillar that has been standing for hundreds of years. You can’t smell the burning candles that have been lit for one of the Saints. You can’t experience the stillness and peace of being in an old church in a picture.


(St. Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City – Italy – September 2008)


I don’t have a cat and I don’t want to see pictures of yours.

Just kidding, send em’ on over!


(Ellie on her 3rd birthday – November 2012)

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