Letter From The Editor: Rolling Along.

Enjoy The Ride

Happy June and Happy Summer Everyone!

Among all the things that starting something new brings comes all kinds of unexpectedness. A creative endeavor like this blog has one hell of a learning curve especially when it involves 9 or more people each week. Luckily, this motley crue has supplied equal parts snark and sarcasm with an unparalleled amount of love that helps us all (me especially) get through any kind of turbulence and I’m certainly thankful for it.

The best part about beginning on a blank canvas is the travel time from point A in your head from point B to said canvas. Unfinished ideas are laid to rest in the “Drafts” section, piled up and forgotten like wads of balled up paper littered around a wastepaper basket, never to be touched again. They started with the best of intentions-a glimmer of hope in an abyss of darkness but once it starts to take shape and be molded by some carefully chosen words something else starts to appear in the foreground, and there is the new idea, born of the old, that makes the final cut. You get to see something all the way through from start to what might be a finish. And you get to wrestle around inside your head with yourself as you agonize over the word choice, style, grammar, and punctuation; but at the end there’s one less heavy thing weighing you down. As I write this, millions of neurons are firing in all directions and I’ve had to open at least one more tab on Google Docs to save some fleeting story idea or blog post that this letter triggered.

Most of all, I think this is a balancing act. It takes commitment and willpower to create something because, if you are lucky, you know there is not just one thing you have to create. So here we are, beginning to find our momentum, beginning to catch on, and riding that wave as best as we can. In the process, you move a little bit this way, a little bit that way, and then back again, playing that eternal metaphorical Jenga game with yourself, with your life, just rolling along, so enjoy the ride.

Love K.

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